The Old Man And The Sea

An adaptation of “The Old Man and the Sea”

The project page of Cologne Game Lab displays a project, in which I participated: 84 oder “The Old Man and the Sea”, an adaptation of the movie and novel of the same name. Here is a screenshot of the project:

Old Man - Hut

This project, again, was done by Andreas Felix Tritsch, Ban Müller-Thiab, Djamel Berkaoui, Fee Bonny, and me. We had paper-cut in mind, animated TV-content for children from the 70s, and much more.

Our goal, however, was quite intense. Do 84 animations in 4 weeks. The player should have played the game for 84 days, seeing only one animation each day. Finally, we implemented 24 animations.

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I am a game designer, and game- & gamification-consultant. Since mid 80s, I played games of all genres on different systems. If you like me to share my knowledge in a talk, or presentation, feel free to contact me!

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