Retro Pi Gaming Station Table Part Ib/III – Sticky Fingers

Just a quick update in this matter. I applied the adhesive thingy to the table top – after having cleaned the table thoroughly with window cleanser. Remove all pieces of Styropor before starting! (I mean it!!!)

Images are taken from the excellent Visual Compendium books by Sam Dyer, Bitmap Books

The Retro-Table has its sticker applied.

You may see the thing with these big stickers: they create bump mapping.

If you are going to do something similar, cut the sticker into four sections before applying.

By the way: The sticker was about 25 € incl. shipping.

Next part is coming soonish. Stay put!


Part I shows hot to prepare the table.
Part II will show how to assemble, cable, and install everything.
Part III will show the finished product, and us playing with it.

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