Selected Customers

Cologne Game Lab (Institute of TH-Cologne)
Gondrom Media, Bayreuth
BIB, Bergisch Gladbach, Lüneburg
nova-Institut GmbH, Hürth
Rheinische FH, Cologne
Vamos Animation, Cologne

Talks and Teach

pacPublic lecture about “Retro Games – Try Something New for my Master in “Game Development and Research”.
Duration: 50 minutes
Language: English

Lecture “An Introduction into Point & Click Adventures at Cologne Game Lab.
Duration: 60 minutes + 30 minutes discussion.
Language: English

Seminar “Mobile Development for iOS” at BIB, Bergisch Gladbach
Duration: Winter Term 20x4h
Language: German


Bastei Lübbe AG / Bastei Entertainment

allemeinefarbenKids-App “Fun With Colors”
native/complete development for iPhone, and iPad 


hungry4booksMarketing-App “Hungry4Books”
native/complete development for iPhone, and iPad, development of the backend, concept 


noahMarketing-App “Operation NOAH”
native/complete development for iPhone, and iPad



 Art Blog Cologne

artblog2Technical consulting, and development of a blog for the Culture, and Arts Scene in Cologne, Germany.
Development in WordPress


Games and Apps

I developed or co-developed these Apps, and published them on different sites.

Monster Party Crasher (team-work)
App for iOSAndroid, and Desktop (Mac, Linux, Windows).


kitchenfighterJapanese Kitchen Fighter (by Jörg Burbach)
App for iOSAndroid, and Kindle Fire-Devices.


Laughter Device (by quadWorks) – stopped working with iOS 11
App for iOS, and Android, for instance to break the ice on events.  


teetimerTeatimer (by quadWorks) – stopped working with iOS 11
App for iOS, and Android, for friends of tea. Includes backgroundinformation.  


haikuHaiku (German) (by Jörg Burbach)
E-Book about Haiku, and how to generate them automatically.