Monster Party Crasher

A Global Game Jam 2017 Game

Wakey wakey sleepy head. Our monster is not very amused about the noise townsfolk are making nowadays. Woken up from the deep slumber, our grumpy sweetheart marches through the city to turn off the menace.


  • Use your voice to be loud enough to help our sleepy head to crush the annoying party floors.
  • Control the volume to reach the right floor
  • Don’t crush the wrong floor or the police will get you.
  • Crash as many party floors as possible.

First, level background noise by clicking the middle bottom button in our start screen. Then scream at the microphone to start. On the a Mac, use the internal mic. On Windows, the default mic ist used automatically.

Monster Party Crasher is part of the Global Game Jam 2017, and was created by Djamel Berkaoui, Fee Bonny, Jörg Burbach, Carlos Cervantes, and Sylvia Ulloque.

Find a beta of the game on Gamejolt: Monster Party Crasher.
You can support development by buying a copy of the final release on!

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