Fire and Space

A breakout style game for Worms & Humans.
Now Unity flavored, too.

This is the third game for my Master in Game Design & Research at Cologne Game Lab. And my first try to do a game in Stencyl – there’s a Unity version, too. It’s about fire & space, and worms, and apples, and fire (apparently).


  1. Title: Fire and Space
  2. Description: A classic breakout game with a burning worm, who likes to eat apples. In space.
  3. Purpose: Rapid Prototyping at Cologne Game Lab.
  4. Done by: Only me
  5. Status: playable Prototype
  6. Play on: on GameJolt
  7. Lets Plays: –
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I am a game designer, and game- & gamification-consultant. Since mid 80s, I played games of all genres on different systems. If you like me to share my knowledge in a talk, or presentation, feel free to contact me!

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