About Me

Photo: Miriam Wolf

During the 70s, tennis was 2 lines, and a dot – Pong. Since then, a lot has changed: You can play tennis at home using your hands, or dance in front of the camera, and the video game reacts. But much more is possible.

As a game designer I create new digital worlds for your pocket, or your desktop. For this, I use my knowledge of games since 1984 from many different systems, and genres.

Stations of a Game Designer:


  • 2014-2016: Master Studies in Game Development & Research at Cologne Game Lab.
  • 2013-2015: iOS-Developer at German publishing House Bastei Lübbe AG
  • since 2010: Freelance Developer for iOS, Mac OS X, and Android, Author of articles for IT-press (MacGadget.de, MacPraxis)
  • 2005: graduated in “Chemical and Plant Engineering”

My game prototypes are here, or on Gamejolt, or Newgrounds.
My profiles on the internet:  LinkedIn, Xing.